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23 August 2017 In Style & Travel

Earlier this year, our gal Lindsey Holland jet out to explore LA and took a little Missoma with her... Excerpt from ROPES OF HOLLAND: MISSOMA IN LA Jewellery has always been very special to me. Missoma are a brand that are so accessible, affordable and get the design right every time. I bought my first piece of Missoma around 5 years ago and I’m now lucky enough to work with them on exciting projects like this. I packed up a few special pieces to take along to LA to wear day in and day out and capture how I wear my Mi...

MEET OUR MUSE: Soraya Bakhtiar on Meaningful Gemstones

16 August 2017 In Missoma Muses

Throw back to May when we caught up with our favourite Swiss-Persian-Egyptian.... From day one of sketching out designs for the Meaingful Gemstones Collection, Soraya was always in the forefront of our minds as the perfect ambassador for the collection. A grounded gal with a colourful spirit.  We just wanted to share with you some of the most colourful and unseen photos from our shoot in May when we invited the wonderful Kim Alexis over to Paradise By Way of Kensal Green – A beautiful setting for a...

MISSOMA TUMBLE STONES: Our Crystal Healing Starter Kit

11 July 2017 In News & Events

In today’s world of increased spirituality, meditation and mindfulness, we wanted to celebrate our love of gemstones and explore their mystical and magical meanings. Protection, Strength, Inner Calm, Healing, Confidence – we all need certain aspects of these in our life to help guide us, protect us and focus on what is important in life. Different crystals have different energies and properties, which between them can affect mental, physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of ourselves. For example, Amethyst brings wisdom, clarity ...


07 June 2017 In News & Events

As discussed in May’s blog, hoops are THE summer accessory… All the Young Dudes are wearing ‘em (Geddit?... Mott the HOOPle?!) and certainly no fashion lover can live without them. They’re less of a trend, and more of a constant in our wardrobe.. a jewellery box mainstay but we’re all clamouring to update our look. So look no further than Missoma’s brand new Mix ‘n’ Match Hoops…. And part one of two blogs where we tell y’all about why we are no longer content with plain gold perfecti...

MEANINGFUL GEMSTONES lunch at The Ivy Soho Brasserie

30 May 2017 In News & Events

‘From time to time we all seek a little spiritual healing in our lives.’ – Marisa Hordern To celebrate the launch of the new Meaningful Gemstones collection, Missoma’s Founder and Creative Director Marisa Hordern packed the new Ivy Soho Brasserie’s private room with some of her fave gals – Vogue’s Serena Hood, Wardrobe Icon’s Deborah Brett, Gucci’s Bella Musgrave, and writer & director Sophie Edelstein - to natter, laugh, drink and have their energies cleansed by crystals. The ro...


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