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Dopamine Dressing: How We're Styling Color

We’re crushing on color and we aren’t afraid to shout about it. From our just launched Good Vibes collection to the neon palette of our Squiggle pieces, we know just how good wearing this who’s who of hues can make us feel. But now it turns out, there’s actual scientific evidence to back up our passion.

According to Pinterest in their annual trend report, it’s dopamine dressing’s world and we’re just living in. “People are headed somewhere over the rainbow this year with vibrant outfits and colorful palettes,” they say. “2022 fashion will be all about feel-good fits with an electric kick. All genders and age groups are driving this trend.” You don't need to tell us twice to dial up the color.

What Does 'Dopamine Dressing' Mean?

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter in the part of our brain that controls pleasure. By definition then, dopamine dressing relates to wearing bold colors to increase our dopamine release and make us feel good. It makes sense, right?

It’s something we’ve seen everywhere over the past few months as we find pleasure (see what we did there?) in expressing ourselves even more than ever before. Just look to cult TV show Euphoria to see this trend in full swing – the colorful eye makeup, the rhinestones, the impeccably hued outfits – or our favorite 90s and Y2K-born TikTokers with their vivid ‘fits in their videos.

What Color Jewelry Should I Wear?

Any color can give you a dopamine rush. No, that isn’t a trick answer. If a color’s your personal favorite, and something that gives you an instant boost of confidence, it’s likely it’ll elevate your dopamine levels and produce feelings of pleasure.

But why is it that we’re often drawn to brighter tones? There’s some logic that says along the way of evolution we realized (probably the hard way) that it worked in our favor to pay attention to them. It turns out a lot of poisonous things in nature are naturally bright, to ward off predators. Now that's a dangerous attraction we can get behind.

How To Style Color Your Way

We asked Amie, our Junior Creative Producer and resident stylist, what advice does she have for nailing neon?

"Dopamine dressing is all about expressing your inner happy," she says. "For me, bringing in flashes of color like fuchsia pink and cobalt blue to my daily monochromatic outfits sets my positive mindset for the day. The post-pandemic mentality is all about trying things you were previously too scared to do, so now is your time to be playful with color."

“Working with “clashing” colors can be really fun. You’ll be surprised how well orange and pink complement each other – trust me.”

– Amie, Junior Creative Producer

How does she bring color energy into her own wardrobe? "The key is to start with a simple base," Amie says. "A black tank top and high-waisted blue jeans can immediately be elevated by bringing in a bright overshirt or a ‘neck mess’ of colorful beaded necklaces."

And what Missoma jewelry pieces is she loving to channel dopamine dressing? "I am completely obsessed with our new Squiggle Chubby Two-Tone Enamel Hoops, which come in lemon yellow, hot pink, bright white and neon aqua," says Amie. "I love that they can be worn on their own to add a pop of color to your outfit or they can be stacked with our new Good Vibes Charm Hoops to create an explosion of summery goodness. I find myself reaching for these time and time again on our recent photoshoots."

Five Jewelry Pieces We're Color Crushing On

Our latest launches are all about expressing ourselves in the boldest way possible. Not sure where to start? We're here to brighten your day (and get that dopamine pulsing).

Good Vibes Happy Face Mini Charm Hoop Earrings, $103

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Squiggle Gemstone Enamel Statement Ring, $123

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Neon Color Styled By You