Behind the Design

The Making Of: Harris Reed x Missoma

When our founder Marisa first met gender-fluid fashion designer Harris Reed years ago, they both knew it was a serendipitous encounter.

Conversations followed about what would happen if you took Harris’s vision and made it accessible by creating jewelry for everyone? Harris Reed x Missoma is a collection that brings together Harris’s love of flea market trinkets and whimsical inspirations with Missoma’s cult-status layering pieces.

A feat considering it was conceptualized during lockdown, with ideas and samples transported between Harris and Missoma’s London studio via Zoom and bike messengers. Personal and poignant, its gothic and romantic themes and symbols take from ‘the old world’ and stand for the future as new heirlooms of fluidity and inclusivity.

“Throughout this collaborative process, I was really able to let my creativity run free and able to dream as big as I could possibly dream.”

– Harris Reed

Explore the meaning behind the symbols in the collection below, and immerse yourself in the creative world of Harris Reed x Missoma.

Behind the Symbols

The Serpent

A totem of rebirth, the serpent symbolizes shedding the skin of our preconceptions – the ultimate example of the cycles of nature. 

Harris Reed Handpicked Serpent Earrings, $356 | Harris Reed Fine Serpent Necklace, $3,036 Harris Reed Fine Coiled Serpent Ring, $136

Harris Reed Pearl Serpent Ear Cuff, $193 Harris Reed Fine Serpent Drop Earrings, $3,553

The Butterfly

Flying in the face of tradition, the butterfly represents the beauty in self-expression. A transformative creature that embodies both genders and represents the journey to accepting the true versions of yourself.

Moon & Stars

A celestial journey beyond this world into one of our own.

Harris Reed Pearl Symbols of Change Bracelet, $369 | Harris Reed Emerging Butterfly Necklace, $291


A new gemstone for Missoma with iridescence that feels truly otherworldly.

Harris Reed Trio Labradorite Ring, $162 | Harris Reed Labradorite Cocktail Ring, $193


An icon of Georgian jewelry, always dramatic and ornate, clasped hands were used to represent friendship and love. With our hands we can link together and raise each other up high.

Harris Reed Fine Handpicked Drop Earrings, $1,744 | Harris Reed Handpicked Pearl Necklace, $291 | Harris Reed In Good Hands Pearl Necklace, $162


The dagger represents the cutting away of ignorance, a symbol of strength we can’t be without.

Harris Reed Fight For Change Single Earring, $104 | Harris Reed Fight For Change Necklace, $256

Two Faces

In Roman mythology, Janus was the god of doors, gates, and transitions. The two faces present on our bespoke coin ring.

Harris Reed Janus Locket Signet Ring, $127


An arrow propels us forward, taking us towards the goals we set ourselves.

Harris Reed Fine Lunar Ring, $3,230 | Harris Reed Shooting Arrow Pearl Necklace, $155

In conversation with: Harris Reed & Marisa Hordern

Watch our founder Marisa and gender-fluid fashion designer Harris Reed talk about how they met, syncing up their creative energy, and the inspirations behind the landmark collaboration.