Behind the Design

How Missoma Is Made: The Craftsmanship Behind Our Iconic Pieces

From wax modelling and casting, to hand-painting, gemstone cutting and plating, each artisan who makes our iconic jewelry is a master in their own intricate craft using expertise passed down over generations.

Ready to go behind-the-scenes? Let's dive into our creative process and the craftsmanship at our heart. Don't worry we won't test you on the intricacies later... Or will we?

Responsibly Made

All of our pieces are handmade in India and Thailand. Each Responsible Jewelry Council certified factory is carefully handpicked by our Founder and Creative Director, Marisa Hordern. Ours is a long-term thing.

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Handcrafted With Recycled Metals

We never want to waste a scrap of precious metal, which is why we handcraft our jewelry with 100% recycled sterling silver and 100% recycled gold plating.

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Molten Wave Stacking Ring | Savi Sculptural Droplet Pendant | Savi Asymmetric Snake Chain Bracelet

Share The Love Charm Choker | Jelly Heart Gemstone Hoop Earrings | Harris Reed North Star Pearl Necklace

From Start To Finish

Follow our Molten Pearl Twisted Double Hoops and Molten Baroque Pearl Mismatch Drop Earrings all the way from being designed to delivered to you.

1. The Design Process

We find inspiration everywhere from interiors, sculpture, lighting to ceramics – plus, we look at what customers have been asking for and what we think will resonate with our community.

During the creative process, our Creative Director and Head of Design will give a concept, look and feel that will inspire the direction of our collection. The design team will then take those ideas away and create moodboards with all our inspiration and map out how a collection will come to life.

We then get busy sketching and bring all our ideas together as a team to decide on the final designs that we will take to the next stage and sample.

2. Creating CADs

After the initial designs have been agreed upon, we make them into life-size technical specifications, with every size, dimension and detail that is needed for them to be made. These then get converted into 3D CADs so we can visualize them in three dimensional form.

There are multiple rounds of comments and amends that are made to the CADs until we are 100% happy with them.

3. Making A Mold

Once the 3D CAD has been printed, a rubber mold is then made so that we can use this as the master for all future pieces.

4. The Wax Tree

We then use this mold to make wax versions that get attached to a wax tree until it’s 100% full.

5. Casting & Filing Our Pieces

This is where gold and silver come in, which dependent on the piece are poured into molds in our casting machine. The jewelry pieces are then cut from the tree and filed down, with any surplus metal being refined and reused by us.

Each piece is then filed and polished until they are ready to go on to the plating stage.

6. Decoration Station

We’re all about attention to detail, and this step is where we ‘dress’ our jewelry – whether that’s assembling the pieces, soldering links, setting our stones by hand, or attaching clasps.

7. Gold Plating

Our high-quality metals are micron (or electro) plated with 2.5 microns of 18ct gold on sterling silver for gold vermeil pieces and 2 microns of 18ct gold on brass metal for larger gold plated pieces.

None of our gold plated pieces are 'flash plated,' 'dipped' or 'gold-tone' – they have a thicker 18ct gold layer to ensure these larger styles will stand the test of time. We’re all about the longevity of our pieces and we’re experts at micron plating, with over 15 years experience.

8. Adding Color

If our collections have enamel pieces in them, our factories will match the specifically selected pantone colors and hand-paint them in-house.

9. Quality Control

Everything we make is rigorously tested in our quality control process – from pre-production samples to wear tests – to ensure it’s up to our high standards.

We also have a dedicated QC team in every factory to check each and every piece throughout the making process. If it gets the green light, it’s given its final sign-off.

10. 100% Recyclable Packing and Carbon-Neutral Shipping

Your Missoma order is then responsibly shipped to wherever you are in the world in plastic-free and fully recyclable packaging, with carbon-neutral shipping and returns. Our iconic jewelry is then ready to be worn on repeat your way.

Hallmarked For Quality

All of our sterling silver pieces are stamped with “925” to certify their authenticity. 925 sterling silver is an alloy made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper.