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How To Style Silver Jewelry

Ready to refresh your metals? Silver's on the rise and it's got our community feeling themselves (and not just because of the metallic mirror shine).

With its cool tones, silver is the ultimate complementary color – made to be paired with bold colors like turquoise, or hues like black or brown. We especially love silver alongside pastel tones for spring.

But, the reason it’s an all-time favorite? It’s our secret weapon for season-less style. Bring on the silver linings.

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Meet Sterling Silver

Ever wondered what the "925" stamped on your silver pieces means? Sterling silver is an alloy made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. We plate our silver jewelry in rhodium, which gives it extra shine and durability. Rhodium is one of the costliest precious metals due to its rarity. All of our sterling silver pieces are stamped with '925' by the ASSAY office to verify that they are 925 sterling silver.

This ‘stamp of approval’ started way back when in ye olde times (around 1300 A.D.) when King Edward I enacted a statute ordering that all silver articles must meet the sterling silver standard (92.5% pure silver), and should be assayed (from the French 'to try') by 'guardians of the craft', who would then mark the item.

Some say that the term ‘sterling’ standard originally came from the middle English word ‘starling’ which means ‘little star,’ in homage to Hailey’s Comet which appeared in the sky in 1066. After William seized England’s throne, he took this seemingly good omen and stamped stars on the silver currency he produced. Talk about starry-eyed.

100% Recycled

We don’t want to waste a scrap of precious metal, which is why we’re committed to increasing our recycled metals. Since October 2021, 100% of our new silver collections are now made from recycled sterling silver, which is chain-of-custody certified by the Responsible Jewelry Council. Every recycled silver piece is also stamped with the '925' mark to show its purity and high-quality.

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How To Care For Sterling Silver

You know the drill by now, we’re sure. Always store your jewelry pieces individually, preferably in your Missoma soft-lined box or pouch so that they don’t rub together, scratch or tangle.

When you’re not wearing it to express yourself, your silver jewelry should be kept in a dark, cool and dry place. All our Missoma sterling silver jewelry is rhodium-plated which protects the silver from exposure and helps reduce long-term tarnishing. Storing silver jewelry in a sealed plastic bag or airtight box when it is not being worn will keep out the air that causes oxidation. The oxidation process is also slowed down by wearing your jewelry often. If however, your jewelry is stored for long-periods of time, occasional cleaning is recommended to maintain shine and keep oxidation at bay.

Living in a humid environment? Store your jewelry with a small packet of desiccant crystals to help reduce tarnishing.

How To Style Sterling Silver

Silver Ear Stack

From hoops to studs, huggies and sleepers, silver is here to be stacked. Only have one or two piercings? We'll let you in on a little secret... our conch ear cuffs give the illusion of more, without the hassle (or pain). We'll take five.

Silver Claw Huggies, $65 | Silver Mini Helical Hoops, $46 | Silver Pave Claw Huggies, $65

Silver Layers

Who said a gold medal was better than a silver one? When it comes to silver necklaces, play with texture for a layered look that ticks all the statement boxes  whether that's doubling up, or dialing up the snake chains. Turn on the charm with pendant necklaces, from crosses to hearts or coins, to add length and create a striking silver focal point. 

Silver Mini Molten Necklace, $97 | Silver Baroque Pearl Claw T-Bar Necklace, $214 | Silver Lucy Williams Roman Arc Coin Necklace, $175

Silver Arm Stack

Upgrade your arm candy with beaded bracelets (love us some meaningful gemstones), cuffs, charm bracelets, and signature chains. Looking to create a subtly statement look? Pair a chunky arm piece with a delicate one for a pared-back stack.

Silver Turquoise & Blue Crystal Beaded Bracelet, $77 | Silver Molten Cuff Bracelet, $97 | Silver Savi Asymmetric Chain Bracelet, $97

Silver Ring Stack

Ring the alarm, this is jewelry for everyone. Silver rings are the ultimate gift for the men in your life, or for yourself. Choose from chunkier, more impactful rings, or style your stacking rings high.

Personalize Your Silver

Want to make your sterling silver jewelry piece your own? Engrave it for free, from locket necklaces to engravable pendants. Or, spell it out with our favorite Initial charms. 

Engravable Large Round Disc Necklace, $167 | Engravable Square Locket Rope Necklace, $201 | Engravable Round Bracelet, $97

Whether you're a gold lover thinking of switching sides, or a silver lover through through, experiment and express yourself however you wish.

Silver Styled By You