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Six '90s Jewelry Styles You Need To Know

Are you on cloud nineties? We're jumping on our favorite decade faster than you can say Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and we’ve got the jewelry to style it. While the '80s was all about shoulder pads, big hair, and designer names, we loved the '90s for its “I-just-threw-this-on" mentality. Think slip dresses with scrunchies, or crop tops and bike shorts. You had glam, you had grunge, and you had trying to replicate everything out of Jennifer Aniston’s Friends wardrobe.

Our latest launch, the Symbols & Signs collection, has us feeling all the collective nostalgia with its '90s necklaces. So, we thought we’d dig deep into some other '90s jewelry trending pieces that are making a well-deserved comeback. Styles that we think are – to use the decade’s slang – the bomb.

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'90s Child

Born between 1989 and 1999 (or wish you were)? Wear your birth year loud and proud with a standout chain, featuring a varsity-style font. And why not, treat someone else to the ultimate personalized gift?

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Birth Year Necklaces

Go Big Or Go Home

We’re forever reminiscing on the big hoops of the era. Luckily, we don't have to walk down memory lane as these standout earrings haven't gone anywhere. We'll take the biggest hoops we can, but leave the platform shoes in the '90s.

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Hot Rox Multi Gemstone Large Hoop Earrings | Lucy Williams Chunky Entwine Hoops

Our Own Kind of Mood Rings

Okay, so our mood rings don’t magically change color when you put them on. But we’re all about choosing gemstones for what we want to bring into our lives, whether that be love, compassion, creativity or even protection from buying more '90s-inspired outfits than we need in our wardrobe.

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Good Vibes Gemstone Stacking Ring | Good Vibes Triple Gemstone Stacking Ring | Good Vibes Large Enamel Flower Gemstone Ring

A Choker Comeback

All kinds of chokers were hot in the '90s, from gothic to lace and everything in-between. Want extra nineties points? Wear yours over a turtleneck.

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Good Vibes Multi Charm Choker Amazonite Lena Charm Choker | Seed Pearl Beaded Choker

Cross Your Heart

Part of the grunge aesthetic, cross pendant necklaces had a huge renaissance during the '90s. Channel Sarah Michelle Gellar in Cruel Intentions with one of your own, without the illegal substances inside.

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Lucy Williams Classic Cross Long Necklace | Lucy Williams Ridge Cross Charm Hoop Earrings

Drop Out

You know the '90s were all about that glitzy bling. Get playful with colorful enamel charm and drop hoop earrings that drop it low for you.

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Good Vibes Enamel Evil Eye Mini Charm Hoop Earrings | Good Vibes Enamel Heart Mini Charm Hoop Earrings | Good Vibes Happy Face Mini Charm Hoop Earrings