How to Wear Ear Cuffs

How to Wear Ear Cuffs:

An instant ear stack without the need for needles. It's a win-win.

No piercings? No problem. Meet our ear cuffs – versatile and creative pieces you can wear on different parts of your ear, from the cartilage to the conch, without having to go anywhere near any needles. They’re the ultimate way to try out earring styles minus the commitment, plus they lend a certain edge to your ear stack. Here’s our guide to how to wear and style them.

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What's an Ear Cuff?

Ear cuffs wrap around the outer edge of your ear. Unlike most earrings, they hug the cartilage and give the illusion of multiple piercings. Designs vary from minimalist and delicate styles to bold statement pieces. Made to show off, these untangle-able accessories also complement any up-do, or short haircut.

Ready for a little history lesson? The first-ever ear cuff is thought to have been worn in 2000 BC. The ‘Kaffa’ was designed to hug the curve on the outside edge of the ear. Thousands of years later, cool tone cuffs in sterling silver returned in a big way with 1990s styling (hello, grunge). Today we think of them as our go-to in any earring line-up.


How Do You Put on Ear Cuffs?

Wearing an ear cuff might seem a little daunting at first, but it's pretty simple (if we say so ourselves). Start by choosing which ear you want to stack up, then gently slide the open end of the cuff over the thinnest part of your ear’s cartilage. Gradually move the cuff upwards, adjusting its position until it rests securely on your ear. The ear cuff should hug your ear and feel comfortable. Follow these tips and you’ll be cuffing like a pro in no time.


How to Remove Ear Cuffs

Removing an ear cuff is just as straight-forward as putting it on. Follow these steps:

  1. -/-Hold the ear cuff between your thumb and forefinger.
  2. -/-Gently pull the cuff downwards, sliding it off your ear's cartilage (the thinnest part of your ear).
  3. -/-Make sure to handle the cuff delicately to avoid bending or misshaping it.


Types of Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs come in various styles to match whatever aesthetic you’re in the mood for. Here are some of our favourites.


Simple Cuffs

These cuff earrings so lightweight you’ll forget they’re there. Style a single cuff with your studs for a ‘less is more’ kind of approach. Or, if ‘more is more’ is more your thing, team multiple together. Either way, you definitely want these in your arsenal.


Wrap-Around Cuffs

These cuffs wrap around your ear (crazily enough), for a sculptural way to make a statement. We love our Harris Reed Pearl Serpent Ear Cuff for all the added drama.


Statement Cuffs

Steal the show with ear cuffs featuring intricate designs, gemstones, and unique shapes – the ultimate headline act for your ear stack. Perfect for party season or maximalist styling. 


Conch Cuffs

These sit in…. You guessed it, the conch of your ear. Who needs a conch piercing when you can get the look with no needles?


Stacking Ear Cuffs

Move over mini hoops, there’s a new stacking staple in town. We love delicate and pared-back ear cuffs for their ability to blend into your ear stack with your studs, mini hoops, and hoops. You can also pair them together or double up your favourite on one ear. Team different sized ear cuffs together or place one at the top of your ear and another lower down.


Wear With:

Classic Double Huggies | 18ct Gold Plated Vermeil/Cubic Zirconia Earrings Missoma Classic Double Huggies | 18ct Gold Plated Vermeil/Cubic Zirconia Earrings Missoma

Classic Double Huggies

18ct Gold Vermeil, Cubic Zirconia


Claw Huggies | 18ct Gold Plated Vermeil Earrings Missoma Claw Huggies | 18ct Gold Plated Vermeil Earrings Missoma

Claw Huggies

18ct Gold Vermeil


Mini Pave Spike Charm Hoop Earrings | 18ct Gold Plated Vermeil/Cubic Zirconia Earrings Missoma Mini Pave Spike Charm Hoop Earrings | 18ct Gold Vermeil/Cubic Zirconia Earrings Missoma

Mini Pave Spike Charm Hoop Earrings

18ct Gold Vermeil, Cubic Zirconia



How to Style Ear Cuffs

Where do we even begin? As we’ve said before, ear cuffs are versatile by nature, meaning they lend themselves to any earring combo – whether you’re dressed for a beach vacation, or to the nines for a night on the tiles. While you can wear an ear cuff solo, we recommend styling it up with your other stacking essentials. The ear party or ‘ear scaping’ trends were made for ear cuffs.

1. Mixing Ear Cuffs with Stud Earrings

Same Metal, Different Designs

Choose stud earrings that match the metal of your ear cuff but opt for unique designs to add dimension to your ear stack.

Cartilage and Lobe Combo

Place the ear cuff on your cartilage and pair it with a delicate stud on your lobe for an ‘I love balance’ look.


2. Blending Ear Cuffs with Mini Hoops

Curated Stacking

Choose mini hoops that complement the design of your ear cuff. Combine them on the same ear for a curated stack.

Graduating Sizes

Start with a larger ear cuff on the cartilage and gradually move down the ear with smaller mini hoops. This creates the ultimate cascade effect.


3. Harmonising Ear Cuffs with Hoops

Hoop Placement

Choose a hoop size that complements the scale of your ear cuff. Position the hoop below the cuff for a balanced arrangement.

Stacking Drama

If you're feeling bold, stack multiple ear cuffs on your cartilage and balance them with a single hoop on your lobe. Hello, delicate and bold.

4. Making a Statement with Ear Cuffs and Statement Earrings

Opposite Ears

Wear a striking statement earring on one ear and balance it with a bold ear cuff on the other. This juxtaposition creates an unbeatable focal point.

Drop It Low

Combine a dangling statement earring with a simple ear cuff on the cartilage. This pairing draws attention to both the upper and lower parts of your ear.

Layered Up

Wear a subtle ear cuff on the cartilage and stack it with a small statement stud. On the lobe, complement the cuff with a larger statement earring for a layered and intricate effect.

5. Mix Your Metals

Wear silver and gold ear cuffs, studs, and mini hoops together for a molten metal moment.


6. Minimalist Ear Cuff Stack

For an everyday look or something more casual, go for a smaller cuff with pared-back studs.


7. Maximalist Ear Cuff Stack

Sometimes more is more, whether that’s wearing a large ear cuff with your studs or a multiple smaller ear cuffs together. If you’re wearing more than one ear cuff, try pairing a smaller and a larger one together.



Do You Need Piercings for an Ear Cuff?

Nope, ear cuffs are designed to be worn without piercings. They comfortably hug the cartilage of your ear and give the illusion of multiple piercings.

Where Do You Wear Ear Cuffs?

You can wear ear cuffs on various parts of your ear, from the helix and conch to the antihelix. Thinner cuffs are easier to wear at the top of your ear, in place of a cartilage piercing, while chunkier styles work perfectly as a faux conch piercing. Take some time to experiment with different positions and find your favourite way to wear them.

Does It Hurt to Wear Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs are generally comfortable to wear and shouldn't cause pain. If you are experiencing some discomfort, try adjusting the cuff’s position or opt for a different size or style.

Am I Too Old to Wear Ear Cuffs?

That’s a firm negative. Ear cuffs are ageless (and timeless), able to be embraced by anyone looking to express themselves. Anyway, age ain’t nothing but a number. You can wear ear cuffs whatever your age, gender, or style.

How to Keep Ear Cuffs from Falling Off?

Prevent ear cuffs from slipping by choosing the right size for your ear's shape. You can also gently adjust the cuff to fit snugly on your cartilage without squeezing too tight.

Which Ear Should I Wear an Ear Cuff On?

It’s totally up to you. The golden rule is for your ear cuff to feel comfortable, but where it sits doesn’t matter – and you can always switch it up.