Layer up with iconic chains, pendant necklaces, pearls and beaded gemstone styles, plus chokers or a coin necklace. Don't know where to start? Get more for less with a necklace set. 



What order do you layer necklaces in?

Start with the basics and work your way up for a balanced and eye-catching ensemble. Begin with a delicate, shorter necklace that rests just above your collarbone – this is your foundation. Next, add a slightly longer pendant or charm necklace to lend a little depth. Finally, finish with your statement piece.

Are your necklaces made from sustainable or recycled materials?

We’ve always been committed to using recycled metals, recyclable packaging and responsibly sourced materials in as much of our production as possible. We’re proud to say that all of our gold vermeil, solid gold, gold plated and sterling silver pieces are handcrafted from 100% certified recycled metals. 

Can I shop for customisable or personalised necklaces at Missoma?

We do! Head here for our engravable necklaces.

How can I prevent my necklace from tangling or getting knotted?

Make sure to mix up your lengths so they don’t intertwine with each other. Mixing up the weights will help with this also – if you have too many delicate necklaces of the same length you run the risk of them tangling. Another option is to pick necklaces in different materials, for example mixing chains with pearls or beads.

What is the difference between a pendant necklace and a chain necklace?

A pendant necklace features a central pendant on a simple chain. Chain necklaces can come in chunkier or more textured styles, ideal for everyday.