We're proud to celebrate over a year of carbon-neutral delivery and returns, plus 100% recyclable packaging.
Our goal for 2023 is for 100% of our suppliers to send our jewellery to *us* in biodegradable poly-bags rather than plastic poly-bags.

Worldwide Carbon-Neutral Delivery & Returns

As of Earth Day 2021, we've partnered with climate tech platform Vaayu to calculate and offset the carbon from our deliveries and returns, the first jewellery brand to do so.

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Offsetting Our Carbon

Carbon offsetting is compensating for carbon emissions which can't be avoided by funding a carbon reduction or removal project elsewhere in the world. Offsets are measured in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e).

Through Norway-based climate solution platform CHOOOSE, we're supporting projects we care about to offset our carbon.

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Supporting Indigenous Communities In The Tambopata-Bahuaja Biodiversity Reserve

Protecting Endangered Wildlife in Kenya With Chyulu Hills REDD+

Saving Tropical Forests With Southern Cardamoms REDD+

100% Recyclable Packaging

Our goal for 2022 is for 100% of our suppliers to send our jewellery to us in biodegradable poly-bags. We’ve worked hard to move to a more sustainable packaging, keeping the same iconic Missoma aesthetic in a new plastic-free style. Let's breakdown our packaging:

  1. 01 The outer box is 100% recycled
  2. 02 All paper is FSC certified, meaning the wood pulp comes from managed forests
  3. 03 The printing inks are soy based, which are a little easier on the environment
  4. 04 100% of our packaging is now recyclable
  5. 05 Our pouches are made to be kept and reused to protect your jewellery at home and on-the-go, or to hold coins and other treats.

Our Collaborations

From fashion designer Harris Reed to Beijing-born creator Savi, we like to match our collaborations' packaging to their style. While the look may vary, rest assured that everything's still 100% recyclable – packaged in the same responsible materials as our core lines.

Missoma Studio

Our main priority with our Studio line is to ensure your homeware pieces arrive with you intact. Our current packaging does a great job of this – it's 100% recyclable,exceptfor the minimal use of bubble wrap. We're constantly looking for a more sustainable alternative.


Carbon-Neutral Delivery

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