Behind the Design

Meet our 2022 Advent Calendar & Festive Ornaments

Our iconic jewelry advent calendar is officially back in gold and silver with a brand new offering for 2022This year’s design has been hand-illustrated by artist Lukas Palumbo, based on the night sky and celestial cosmos, with a gilt framed pattern and gemstone details. Before they sell out, let's go behind the design.

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The Advent Calendar

The highly-anticipated 2022 advent calendar has been upgraded to be a keepsake jewelry box with 12 pullout drawers and a mirror inside, so you can use it all year round. Each individual gift box is numbered in gold foil to give a luxe Christmas aesthetic.

'Tis the Season for Silver

For the first time ever, we have launched our advent calendar in silver with recycled sterling silver styles inside for those that love the cooler tones of their favorite metal.

First-Ever Festive Ornaments

This year we're also launching our first-ever paper festive ornaments as the perfect gift that can also hang on your tree. Each one has a best selling style inside; choose between the earring ornament, with the Mini Tidal Hoops inside, the bracelet ornament containing the Aegis Chain Bracelet, and the necklace ornament for the Interstellar Drop Choker. The ornaments can be used year after year or recycled for a sustainable alternative.

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Gold Jewelry Advent Calendar | Silver Jewelry Advent Calendar | Festive Ornaments

Meet the Artist: Lukas Palumbo

Lukas Palumbo is an illustrator, designer, and 'world-builder'. After his incredible illustrations for our Harris Reed x Missoma packaging, plus his work with Gucci, we fell even more in love with his iconic hand-drawn style and knew he'd be the perfect fit for our festive drop.

He brings his artwork to life through dip pen, ink, and watercolor in works inspired by the great etchings of the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries. Lukas desires to create works that look as though they have come from the past, but which have a meaningful place in the present.

"Creating an image that satisfies my imagination is quite a challenge, but that really is the fun of illustration, getting to lay your dreams out on paper.”

– Lukas Palumbo

"My creative process always starts with with a look through my extensive image collection, which I have created over years and add to every single day" says Lukas. Once he's curated a selection of images, he starts sketches until he can the images in his mind on paper.

"My design inspiration for the advent calendar started with the idea of creating a box that felt like it was holding the night sky within it," Lukas says. "I wanted the advent calendar to feel as if it contained the glimmering, celestial beauty of the cosmos, as well as the sure magic of the holidays."

His visual inspirations started out very medieval, looking at illuminated manuscripts and gothic reliquaries, and slowly progressed toward the 18th century, where he was inspired by the pattern design of that age. This all came together to create the jeweled latticework through which the night sky can be viewed with all of its stars and diamonds.

"I think being able to see the human hand present in the things we look and use and live with is so important," Lukas says.

What was his favorite part of creating this drop with us? "It is very easy for me to get lost in the past and create things that look like they really were created hundreds of years ago, rather than just being inspired by those things, but working with Missoma encouraged me to put more a modern perspective on historical artistic traditions, something I really appreciate and want to continue."