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Engravable Jewellery Guide

Engravable Jewellery Guide:

2023 saw a huge increase in personalised jewellery. From Taylor Swift-inspired friendship bracelets, to signet rings and initial necklaces, there was something for every jewellery lover to get involved in. While 2024 promises to keep this shift towards personal jewellery, we're sure to see engravable pieces in the spotlight for their sentimental value and longevity.


What Makes Engravable Jewellery So Special?

Adding dates, initials, a playful phrase, or even your furry companion's name, these customisable pieces become treasured keepsakes of life's precious moments. Who wouldn’t want to have a necklace that sparks a smile, transporting you back to an inside joke with friends, a heartwarming memory, or a special occasion?

Engraved messages can be as diverse as the individuals who wear them. A playful nick-name, a gentle "pause" reminder, a "you've got this" confidence boost, or even the classic "carpe diem" (yes, even clichés deserve their day in the sun!) – the possibilities are endless. And yo know sometimes a simple "I love you" says it all. Or if you prefer your sentiments whispered in "ti amo," rest assured, our engraving caters to all languages, translating your message with heartfelt precision.

Feeling stumped for the perfect inscription on your silver or gold companion? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Here’s some ideas that will have you thinking ‘this one’s for you’.


Ideas for Engraving


Initials are personal, and unique to the wearer. Engraving doesn’t have to be complicated, and sometimes simplicity is key. More subtle than an initial necklace, but more obvious than a locket, engraving someone’s initials onto a necklace, ring or bracelet can be a sweet but meaningful gift.


‘Pet’ names

Nicknames and pet names are commonplace in relationships and friendships. Having these engraved into a tangible symbol can be a meaningful acknowledgement of that relationship. It can be a more personal or funny signifier of the meaning that person brings to you.


Special dates or numbers

Dates such as anniversaries, holidays, birthdays, or events like graduation are engraving essentials. These dates show you care, acknowledge the significance of the day, and can be a happy reminder for the wearer. If you’re looking for something extra special, engrave the coordinates of a significant location (like a city, house, or travel destination).

Angel numbers are also a great way of providing protection or manifestations. If you or someone you love has a specific connection to an angel number (such as 333 for femininity and intuition, or 888 for abundance and prosperity), having that angel number engraved onto something you can wear every day is a creative practice for drawing that energy into your life.


Affectionate messages

Phrases such as ‘I Love You’ engraved onto jewellery brings the perfect way to elevate a gift to someone special. A subtle but special reminder can become a lifelong staple. It doesn’t have to be ‘I Love You’ either, it could be anything personal – an inside joke, or a phrase you often say to each other.


Inspirational quotes

Having a wearable reminder to keep going, lead with your heart and trust your instincts? Sign us up. Having your quotes or affirmations on your body is the law of attraction to the extreme, and the perfect way of manifesting or motivating your daily life.


Engraving Ideas For Family

Ready to beat everyone else out for the best gift at the next family party? Consider one of these for your engraving.

Love You
Best Mum
Number One
No1 Dad
Fave Sis


Engraving Ideas For Your Best Friend

Give your bestie a wearable reminder that they’re your number one.

Me + You
Love Ya


Engraving Ideas For Your Partner

For THE person, whoever they are.

I Heart you
Me + You


Engraving Ideas For Celebratory Gifts

Commemorate the big moments with a personalised gift, to help them remember the achievements in the moments they forget.

You Did It!
Killing It
Proud Of You


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