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The Ultimate Bracelet Stacking Guide

The Ultimate Bracelet Stacking Guide:

We know stacking can be daunting, especially on your wrist, where you’ve got watches and hairbands already taking up real estate. So we’ve created our ultimate stacking guide, for those that are dipping your toes in – or even if you're already a fully fledged stacker in need of a little inspiration.

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The Golden Rules of Stacking


          START SIMPLE

Slow and steady wins the race. Moving from bare wrists to maximalist dressing is an adjustment, so take your time with it. Think about your essentials, build your stack slowly, and find what works for you.



Finding a go-to statement piece is the best way to start a stack - choose what you want it to focus around. From charm bracelets to pendants and chunky chains to gemstones, pick what works for you and build around that.



From mixed metals, enamel and gemstones, there's a whole host of ways you can experiment with your stack to make it unique. Playing around with textures, colours and materials is a fun way of switching it up



Mix and match around your staples to give them a new lease of life. Rediscover old bracelets or add in new pieces to change your stack up every once in a while.



Bangles and Cuffs

Bangles are making a bold comeback, becoming the ultimate accessories for layering, mixing metals, and embracing varied textures. They’re the perfect accompany piece to showcase eclectic stacks, combining pared-back minimalist designs with chunky statement pieces. Bangles are the ultimate arm candy, adding a touch of personality to any ensemble.

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Chunky Bracelets

These bold styles have been adored over the last few years, making a strong statement on wrists worldwide. Lean into oversized links, thick chains, and bold textures to create a powerful and confident look. Pair chunky bracelets with both casual and formal outfits for a fashion-forward impact.

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Curb Chain Bracelets

This timeless trend is making a major resurgence with a modern twist—a variety of links, mixed metals, and layered styling. Style up these versatile pieces to elevate everyday looks.

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Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets have been staging a nostalgic comeback, celebrating their rich history. Evolving from ancient amulets to 20th-century popularity, the trend leans towards meaningful symbols, and customisable designs, allowing wearers to curate a unique, sentimental journey on their wrists.

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Beaded Bracelets

Lean into vibrant colours, varied textures, and playful combinations. Stack up your look by mixing bead sizes and materials for a personalised and bohemian-inspired touch, making beaded bracelets a staple in your jewellery wardrobe.

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